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What are my repair options if my battery fails?



       The first option is to take your car to a Toyota dealership and have them diagnose and replace your battery. This gets you a new battery installed and normally only includes a 12 month warranty. The battery should last as long as the one that came in your car new, so that means you should be good for 8-10 years. The cost for this repair is normally in the $4,000 range.

       Your second option is to buy a factory new battery from Texas Hybrid Batteries for around $2,500. We work directly with Toyota to buy new hybrid batteries for our customers at wholesale cost. These batteries are good for 8-10 years. When you purchase a new battery thru Texas Hybrid Batteries you get a 4 parts and labor warranty. The up front cost of a new hybrid battery is more than a remanufactured battery but if you plan to keep your car for more than a few years it will pay off.


       The third option is to buy a remanufactured battery from Texas Hybrid Batteries. Our remanufactured batteries come with a 12 month replacement guarantee and normally last 2-3 years. This is a good option if your car is high mileage. The cost for this repair is $950 which includes all taxes, fees, and installation at your location.


       The last option is to find a used battery at a salvage yard and install it yourself or have it installed at a repair shop. Salvage yards know how much it costs to have a hybrid battery replaced so they get a premium for their used batteries. Expect to pay somewhere between $900 and $1600 for a used battery from one of these places. They most likely won’t be honest about the year or the mileage of the vehicle that the battery came out of. They won’t let you see the vehicle that it came out of and they will not give you a written guarantee that the battery will work (all electronics sales are final, look for it, it’s normally a sign on the wall behind the counter). We have sourced many batteries from salvage yards and only about 20% of them would have actually worked if they had been installed. This all goes back to not letting batteries sit, when a car is wrecked it can be several months before the battery is put up for sale, (wrecker service, insurance companies, vehicle auctions, salvage yard, disassembly, inventorying, advertising) all of this takes a long time. If you can find a shop to install your “maybe good” battery it will cost you another $300 and they will not guarantee it because it wasn’t their battery. So you could end up paying up to $1200 for a battery with a lot of unknowns and no guarantee.

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