Has your speedometer stopped working?

      This is a common issue on the 04-09 Prius. It's called a combo-meter and it's the circuit board and display that shows your speed, fuel gauge, and gear information. If it fails your car can still be driven in most cases but it poses a safety hazard if you don't know how fast your going or how much gas you have.  

      In 2012 Toyota issued a warranty enhancement which extended the coverage on this part to 9 years with no mileage limitation.

      If your Prius is a 2009 model it may still be eligible for a free replacement from Toyota. If you think this applies to you then take your car to your nearest dealership before time runs out. 

      Use the links below to view, download, or print the Toyota warranty documentation for this repair. We recommend having this when you go to get your car fixed.

You may be eligible for a free replacement from Toyota!

      The out of warranty cost to have your combination meter replaced by the dealer is normally $800 - $1000 for parts and labor. For $150 (plus a $75 core deposit) we can ship you a replacement combination meter that has been programmed to match your cars existing mileage and VIN. 


      All combination meters are professionally rebuilt using new upgraded components to ensure proper operation for the life of your Prius. Over the last two years we have shipped hundreds of combination meters to Prius owners across the United States and Canada.

      Need an installation? No problem. For Prius owners in our North Texas service area we can deliver and install your combination meter for an extra $125. Outside of our service area?  That's ok to. Bring your car to us and pay only $75 for installation.


Rebuilt Combination Meter

-Professionally rebuilt using upgraded components.


-Programmed to match your cars current odometer reading.


-Lifetime warranty.

-100% Free shipping.

Delivery and Installation


-Anywhere in our North Texas service area.


-If combined with a hybrid battery replacement you get $50 off of your installation price.

Installation Only


-You will need to bring the car to our shop.

-This service is available to local and out of area owners.

-Contact us to schedule an appointment. We don't want to miss you.

If you have questions or need to schedule an appointment feel free to give us a call at  (817) 629-8394. Or use the link below and we will get right back to you.

Out of warranty .... We can help!