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What is our No Risk Battery Replacement?

       If replacing your battery does not fix your Prius you have the option to have your old battery reinstalled and all it will cost you is $150 for the mobile installation. No questions asked!

Why do we offer this service?

       You can expect to get all kinds of warning indications when your car's battery starts to fail. A lot of times your car's computer will indicate other problems in addition to a battery failure and they may not be real. We recognize that this puts vehicle owners in a bad situation where you don't want to spend the money on a battery if there are other problems but you also don't want to sell or trade your Prius in for less than it's worth if it can be fixed for a reasonable price. The price that we charge is probably close to what you would pay just for diagnostic work at any repair shop. 

       Since you're paying for the installation we will still retreive and clear all of the trouble codes from your cars computer, inspect your batteries cooling fan and ducting, test your 12 volt battery, and show you what is actually wrong with your hybrid battery so that you can make the best decision concerning your car's future repairs. We are proud to be the only company to offer our customers this service.


       This service is available to customers in our normal service area. Owners have the option to bring their vehicle to us or somewhere in our service area. Texas Hybrid Batteries reserves the right NOT to replace a battery that we don't believe is bad.

       Customers will be asked to pay the full installation price before their battery is replaced. After installation your technician will ride with you while you take your car for a test drive. If your car is not fixed you can then request to have your original battery reinstalled. You will be refunded the full price less the installation fee of $150. No questions asked. Guaranteed!

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