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What you should know before you buy a used Prius!


           Currently we replace 25 to 30 Prius batteries a month just in the DFW metroplex. Yes that is a lot of failing hybrid batteries. The bulk of these failures are happening in 06 model cars with a few 05's and a growing number of 07's. Unfortunitly a lot of Prius owners are trading their cars in instead of paying the high dealer prices for repairs. The dealers send those trade-ins directly to auction instead of fixing them. Many of the small dealerships that are buying these Prius's for resale are performing very pore quality battery repairs that will last just long enough to sell the car to an unsuspecting buyer. We continue to get calls from very upset owners who are having battery failures less than a month after they got their new-used car. If you are buying an 07 or older Prius it has either had a battery failure already and got repaired or it will be failing in the next 12 to 18 months. Please do not let these dishonest used car salesman take advantage of you! Ask if the battery has been replaced, ask who did it, ask if it has a warranty. We do work for some car dealers in DFW and every car that we have replaced the battery in will come with a minimum of an 12 month warranty. If your looking at a car and your told that Texas Hybrid Batteries has fixed it all you have to do is give us call and we will verify the vehicle information and warranty so that you can buy with confidence.


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